Episode 14: Patty Schmidt
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Episode 14


Patty Schmidt began studying Hatha yoga styles in Philadelphia 20 years ago, and quickly developed a rigorous asana practice. While the benefits and traditions of Astanga continue to influence her relationship with yoga, her practice and teaching style are now deeply informed by Bhakti traditions of devotion and surrender, and by Yin Yoga and restorative practices. In her formal training, Patty has devoted herself to the therapeutic application of yoga for pelvic health and wellness. She teaches pre- and post-natal yoga, with a focus on core and pelvic health, throughout Atlanta, and works privately with clients living with pelvic dysfunction and disease. These many years of yoga practice and study have shown her that yoga lives within us and comes anew with us each day, to our mat. Patty's teaching encourages us to inhabit ourselves, to be curious about and kind to the Self we meet.

In episode 14, Patty speaks about everything “coming back to the pelvis” and how well our body functions is based on that central hub being healthy, strong, and balanced. She shares her wisdom about how to prevent dysfunction and pain long-term and gives some great book and podcast recommendations as well. This is a great episode to check out no matter what your experience level or knowledge of yoga is!

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