Episode 17: Julie Granger, DPT, SCS, WHC
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Episode 17


In episode 17 Amanda speaks with Dr. Julie Granger, physical therapist and founder of PRISM Wellness Center in Atlanta, GA. Julie discusses how having a healthy mindset helps decrease stress, and improve hormone balance, autoimmunity, and fertility, among other things. She reminds us that WE are the most powerful member of our health and wellness team and describes how she has transitioned into her healthy mindset coaching practice full-time in order to empower women to create a healthy life they love that inspires them and reflects what they truly value.

Dr. Julie knows first-hand what the life of a busy, driven woman struggling with health issues is like. She is dedicated to guiding women to see that feeling healthy and fulfilled in their lives doesn’t have to be so hard, nor expensive, and that health, happiness and a successful career do not have to be mutually exclusive. Dr. Julie has an extensive medical background, deep expertise (with degrees from Emory and Duke), and 10 years of experience running a successful health practice. She combines these credentials along with her personal experience of achieving freedom from the physical and emotional grips of cancer and mental health challenges, to teach women clear, tangible ways to do more with less in their health. Dr. Julie believes that being healthy is not something you’ll simply find in a box, bottle, or book, but rather in the state of mind that we hold. She loves to help women find simple ways to gain confidence, know-how, and peace no matter where they are along their health journey.

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