Episode 20: Gigi Miller
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Episode 20


In episode 20 Amanda speaks with Gigi Miller, who is the owner and professional organizer of Vision Organizing in Atlanta, GA. They talk about all the things Gigi helps her clients with - from organizing their home space to their work space, their systems, and their lives! She works with clients, young and old, to prioritize their goals and their time in order to increase productivity, decrease their stress, and improve their health. Gigi walks us through some great tips and recommendations she usually makes when considering how to organize and manage our children’s areas. She shows us that there IS hope for maintaining some order while allowing our kids the freedom to create and play in their space!

Gigi K. Miller is an Atlanta-based Professional Organizer and the owner of Vision Organizing, LLC. Gigi’s mission is to create organizing solutions for home, work, and life that are simple, practical, and easy to maintain. Vision Organizing is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and the local Georgia chapter. To learn more about Gigi and Vision Organizing, please visit www.visionorganizing.com.

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